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You've operated a zipline for years and never had an incident. But you know deep down that some things could be better.

Fear not. Take a ride on our Zipline Self-Assessment Quiz. See if your flying fox suffers from one of the ...

Common Causes of Zipline Failure.

It's just a few quick questions. The information revealed could one day save someone's life.

1. Wire Connections
2. Rust or Corrosion
3. Backup Anchors
4. Legal Documents
  Annual Load Test by NATA Accredited Testing Authority
  6 Monthly Survey by Advanced Rigger or Engineer
  Construction Engineering Plans with dimensions and loads
  If wire-grips used, Proof of Recent Inspection for proper tension
  If connected to tree(s), an Annual Arborist Report for health of tree.
5. Zipline Load Rating

Quiz Result – 0% Success

How did you go? If you didn't get 100% then there's work to be done.

Even a perfect score doesn't mean you are compliant. The above are general questions only. There may be unique factors in your case. However, the quiz can be used to begin an informed discussion. To find out more read the related article: Common Causes Of Zipline Failure.

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