What We Offer


SafeZipline offers several services that are a complete solution to all your zipline safety needs. We can take care of everything to ensure your system is compliant. These services also apply to,

  • Climbing walls
  • Abseil towers / platforms
  • Anchoring structures
  • Ropes courses

Inspect Structures and Procedures

By law all ziplines must be thoroughly inspected at least once every 6 months. Further inspections are required if,

  1. The structure has weathered a severe storm
  2. There has been an incident using the zipline

The minimum qualification necessary to perform such inpections is advanced rigger. Additional reports may be necessary such as by an arborist if the structure is connected to a tree.

Servicing, Repairs and Rebuilds

Repairs and modifications to a flying fox must be done by an advanced rigger. Failure of any component leading to death or injury is an offence under OHS laws if not installed by a competent and qualified person.

Don't take the chance. The SafeZipline team only uses experienced  riggers and engineers.

Testing and Compliance Certificates

All ziplines must be certified to a maximum weight of participant. Testing is required using weights to twice the expected capactity or more. Compliance testing ensures there is no "slippage" in the system. Also that there is reserve capacity for rescue personnel if needed.

Once passed a certificate is produced by a NATA accredited engineer verifying that the zipline meets Australian Standards. This certificate must be available at all times and produced on request for any WorkSafe audit.

Staff Training and Education

Risk of incident still exists even when everything is built correctly. Zipline operators must be trained for,

  • Correct use of equipment to avoid damage
  • Demonstrate proper use of zipline to participants
  • Be proficient in rescue techniques and procedures

Inadquate training is a breach under work place duty of care. SafeZipline can train your staff in all aspects of flying fox operation.

Supply Hardware and Equipment

All zipline components must "be rated". This means the maximum Safe Working Load is stamped on the hardware or is documented via destruction testing. A single unrated item will make the system non-compliant. Such a zipline cannot be used.

Rated hardware can be costly when buying retail. SafeZipline has forged relationships with equipment wholesalers to bring you performance gear at reasonable prices.

Bringing an older zipline up to standard need not cost the earth. Ask us for a quote.